March 8, 2020

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Thank you for attending WILL (Women's Initiative in Lottery Leadership) Seminar  1:30 to 4:30 pm. on Thursday March 5, 2020

Women's Initiative in Lottery Leadership afternoon Session at the Eden Roc Hotel, Miami, Florida  at 1:30pm 2nd Floor BallroomModerated by WILL Chairperson 

Rebecca Hargrove, President & CEO Tennessee Lottery & President of the World Lottery Association.  Sponsored by  IGT

Facilitated by Lisa Bergeron, Managing Partner & Chief Visionary Officer, AWE (Advancing Workplace Excellence)

Please join us for this fabulous WILL Seminar and the Networking reception that follows WILL session.     

WILL:  Humanizing the FUTURE of Work

 AWE (Advancing Workplace Excellence) creates immersive learning experiences to evolve the human side of work and leadership.  Recognizing the challenges people and organizations are experiencing, AWE leverages its team’s deep knowledge and expertise to design experiences that raise awareness, reduce bias and develop more conscious people who are centered on the expansive qualities of inclusiveness and connectedness. AWE empowers people to have the confidence to be courageous and the vulnerability to be human as they navigate the evolving workplace. Through understanding and strengthening key competencies, the AWE experience elevates and illuminates’ people-centric leadership approaches and cultivating a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected.

 For the upcoming PGRI Smart Tech conference on March 5, 2020, AWE will produce an engaging, insightful and interactive half-day workshop in alignment with WILL’s mission to advance women into top positions of lottery management, leadership and responsibility. The session will include a keynote presentation incorporating engaging stories, interactive workshop content, table discussions, exercises and panel discussion.

Topic of Focus: Self-Promotion with Confidence and Ease

According to the latest research, women who proactively promote their achievements are more satisfied with their careers, project more confidence and advance further than women who were less focused on calling attention to their successes. While many women may struggle with trumpeting their accomplishments, an aversion to self-promotion can handicap credibility, career satisfaction, and the path to advancement. To be effective means being ready to self-promote in a way that is both authentic and relevant. It’s also knowing when to self-promote, what messages to communicate, and how to strengthen messages with intention. In this session, we explore common barriers to self-advocacy, are introduced to strategies to self-promoting in a strategic context, and most importantly, how to do it with balance, confidence and ease. 

About Lisa Bergeron (Facilitator)

An accomplished business leader, Lisa Bergeron is the Founding Partner and Chief Visionary Officer of AWE, Advancing Workplace Excellence. Lisa is a trusted advisor and partner, who provides clients with insightful guidance to uncover business needs and envision solutions to realize their ambitions for growth, development, and exceptional business performance. 

Lisa leads AWE’s vision for humanizing the future of work. She brings a unique blend of strategic vision, business savvy, and depth of experience to steer AWE’s course into the future. An architect of relationships and connections, Lisa is a catalyst, progressive, and innovative thinker who creates pathways to explore, expand, and thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.

Started 17 years ago, AWE is a women and minority owned business with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and building a human centered workforce for the future. Programs are designed to establish connections, share relevant researched-based insights, and create a trusted space to explore concepts, new perspectives, and build on and expand skills.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak (D) has appointed Sandra Douglass Morgan the next chairperson of the state’s Gaming Control Board (NGCB)

Empowering Women 

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak Appoints Second Female Gaming Control Board Chair

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak (D) has appointed Sandra Douglass Morgan the next chairperson of the state’s Gaming Control Board (NGCB). The former North Las Vegas city attorney will assume the role when current chair Becky Harris’ term expires on January 27.

Sandra Douglass Morgan is set to become the next leader of the Nevada Gaming Control Board after receiving the appointment from Gov. Steve Sisolak. (Image: Twitter/NGCB/

Harris became the first female to oversee the three-member NGCB a year ago this month when former Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) appointed her to the position following AG Burnett’s resignation.

Morgan was appointed to the Nevada Gaming Commission in April 2018 by Sandoval. She will relinquish that role to head the NGCB.

Sandra Douglass Morgan will be an incredible asset to the Gaming Control Board and I am proud to be able to appoint her as chair,” Sisolak said in a release. “Sandra’s extensive experience and record of leadership shows that she is not only qualified to chair the Nevada Gaming Control Board, but that she will excel at it.”

Harris’ 2018 compensation totaled $158,879. Gaming Commission members serve in part-time roles, and received roughly $46,000 each in pay last year.

Sisolak officially became governor on Monday. The following day, Sandoval announced he was taking an executive position with MGM Resorts.

Empowering Women

Nevada’s gaming industry was rocked by the shocking sexual misconduct allegations exposed last year against billionaire Steve Wynn. Gaming regulators and casino operators have since sought to strengthen protections to make sure similar claimed acts cannot occur in the future.

Sandoval’s appointment of Harris was historic in putting a woman in charge of the country’s most important gaming industry. It came just days before The Wall Street Journal unveiled its Wynn expose and threw the industry into chaos.

Last fall, Harris and the NGCB sent the Nevada Gaming Commission a recommendation to mandate that licensed casino operators complete a 16-point checklist annually to assure the state they have adequate protections in place to combat sexual harassment and misconduct. If ratified by the Gaming Commission, casinos would “be required to maintain written policies and procedures addressing prevention.”

“The Nevada Gaming Control Board recognizes the paramount importance of all Nevada gaming licensees creating and maintaining a work environment that is safe for all employees, one in which diversity, inclusion and the dignity of each employee is respected, and which is free from any form of discrimination or harassment,” a NGCB release declared.

More on Morgan

Morgan has been a trailblazer for much of her career. She was the first African-American city attorney in Nevada history, and will become just the second woman to govern the NGCB.

She most recently worked as the director of external affairs for AT&T in Nevada. In the lobbying role, Morgan campaigned on behalf of the telecommunications giant and pushed for legislation that was beneficial to the conglomerate.

Before AT&T and serving as North Las Vegas city attorney, Morgan was a litigation lawyer with MGM Resorts. She obtained undergraduate degrees in political science and communications from the University of Nevada – Reno, and her law degree from UNLV.


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